Our Holiday Newsletter 2016

Our Holiday Newsletter 2016

Seasons Greetings Everyone!

Here is our update on what’s been happening with all of us this year:

John went back to work in February after being home for 10 months recovering from his knee replacement surgeries. His knees still bother him from time to time, but overall, they are much better. At Stamford EMS, a new station was created in Darien, CT and he is one of four paramedics permanently stationed there now. Everyone jokes about them “being put out to pasture”, but it’s still a fairly busy station.

He also went to several Hamfests, including Dayton, OH with his minions, and Irving,TX with Lenore. The Texas trip ended up as an extended vacation, visiting relatives in Round Rock, sightseeing in Gonzales, Shiner, Stonewall, and Fredericksburg, and a two day stop in Biloxi, MS on the way home. There were also several trips to Mohegan Sun Casino in eastern Connecticut for concerts, many of them being free, invitation-only events. Lots of fun.

Lenore has been keeping busy babysitting Grandkids Jackson (5½ and in Kindergarten) and Hunter (2½), as well as her Photography and Genealogy hobbies, Bowling, and her Avon business.

Maggie and Justin are doing well and still live in Seymour, not too far away, which makes it easy for Grandma to pick up Jackson from school when Maggie is working.

Andrew moved out in May and now lives with friends in Derby, CT. He is a Cable Technician for Charter Communications. Emily still lives at home, and is an Administrative Assistant for Rotair Industries in Bridgeport. And, she is studying for her Masters in Library Science through an all-online program through San Jose State University in California.

Lenore will soon be updating the family website, www.kalotai.com, adding new genealogy pages, photo albums, and maybe a family blog. Check it out around New Year’s. An email link will be sent to those email addresses that we have. If you would like to be included, send your email address to lenore@kalotai.com or john@kalotai.com.

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah,

and a Very Happy New Year to all!


John, Lenore, Andrew, Emily, and Roxy!

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